Are you a Photography and Media Enthused person? Are you interested in learning something  new about blogging and vlogging? Have you ever wanted to be a Photographer or a Media Guru? Do you want to know more about branding of product on Social Media?

All that You need is the SHUTTER CAMP 2017.

The Shutter camp is an Arts factory initiative on a media and photography workshop that seeks to inspire and educate potential photographers or media related individuals as well as professionals through a workshop that will categorically expose each attendee to the arts of media and photography. Mr.Kofi Oppong Asamoah of Sky fm will giving tips on Media and Journalism, Seth Wilson of Supers Tv and Derrick Owusu Sarfo of The Suncity Times will both be educating us on (Blogging, Vlogging, Social Media Marketing,Photography blogging etc. )

Mel Arthur, Monarch Moments, Frozen In Time Studios, Infinity media,Dynamic Studios (William),  Sika Print (Kyei Monney) and a lot more will also be highlighting on a couple of factors in the Photography field of work.


The Program Outline is as follows :

Date– 01/04/17

Time: 10 am Sharp – 3pm

Host: Mike Quartey (Arts factory Media &Photography department head)

Venue: UENR Pavilion

1. Introduction of the whole Program. (Host)

2.Vlogging, Social media Marketing by Seth Wilson of SupersTv

3.Blogging; Social media marketing and Photoblogging by Derrick Owusu of The Suncity Times

4.Students agenda crew( The media world from the student journalist perspective)

5.Journalism, Public Relations and the media world

6.BREAK  [LIVE EDITING] by Ebo of  monarch moments

7.Mel Arthur (Lightning and Branding)

8.Short video by Edward osei on Basic Camera Setting & Picture compositions by Edward Osei

9.More Explanation on basic camera setting & Picture composition by the Host.

10.Directing by Rachel of monarch moment

11. Workflow/ Post Production  by Ebo and Kyei monney

12.Field and outdoor work

Is gonna be a nice program and most of all an educative one too, Soooo












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