Ghana and other parts of the world, defines a young guy dating a woman who is older than her as an irresponsible act and such a person is who Ghana’s Lover boy, Kwasi Darlington a.k.a called Dr. Cryme says he wants to be in an amorous relationship with.

TheTwi Pop rapper in a conversation with Hitz FM’s MzGee gave reasons why he will always choose to date a woman older than him than go in for a young girl. He explained that he needs a matured person he can easily reason with. To him, he does not need a young lady he will use several hours to convince just to understand a simple matter.


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“I think a matured person is more appropriate for me even if she is older than me. We have a lot of people who have older wives and are still happily together so it doesn’t matter. The level of where I am, I need a matured person that I can easily reason with because I don’t need a young lady I should convince for a long time.”

The Twi Pop boss added that age is just a number so he sees nothing wrong with dating a sugar mummy. When MzGee questioned him if he has dated someone older than him, he answered, “With my experiences, I believe I’ve”.

Agyekum was born in Tema and began making music in his early school days. He studied at the Datus School and then attended ASUTECH in Cape Coast and Sotech in Somanya before earning a certificate in broadcast journalism from the Ghana Institute of Journalism


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