Just when we thought all sleeping dogs were left lying, wife of Self-acclaimed Dancehall King  Shatta Wale, Shatta Mitchy has opened a naked fire on their family rival Yaa Pono.

Shatta Wale’s baby mama in a short Instagram interview with radio personality Abeiku Santana refuted allegations that suggest she is a lesbian.

She also replied Yaa Pono who has recently been involved in a beef with her husband and asked him to get a hit song.

Watch video from below :

Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono had been normal industry friends until Yaa Pono was prevented from performing at a concert he had been billed to perform in Cape Coast.

According to Yaa Pono, he believed the move was orchestrated by Shatta Wale.

This led to a counter reactions until both artists took to the studio to record diss songs.

Would we see a rekindled beef and would the energy now be channeled to the woman?


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