Young influential personalities are hard to find these days, so we make sure we Maintain, Brand and make known of the few that we have among us. We present to you, ONE of the Most influential and most encouraging personality who is always ready to help the Young and Upcoming stars see the Light so fast in life. The Suncity Times caught him up to profile him to the Ghana and Beyond and he accepted this offer and made it an entertaining Interview.


I am a young  Entrepreneur and also a final year  student of the University of Energy and Natural Resources. Born and grew up in Tema,Ghana. I am the CEO of Potential Organization which comprises of my first section  of  the Organization, that is Arts Factory Club and also Potential brands Managements and lastly Potential media. I am a business inclined individual who is always thinking of ideas to change my immediate surroundings and globe in General. I always love to encourage anybody around me to do best in anything that he/she engages in

The Potential Organization Logo


Well you see, I Manage lots of arts inclined individuals with different talents and abilities. I always love to understand any kind of arts before I get myself involved to be able to really help im making it a sucess. I am also a Creative writer (Poet) and a brand manager too.

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I always get inspired when i always come to realize that there a lot of opportunities in Ghana [ that people don’t really see], so what i do is try my best day and night to always look for opportunities and invest my time and effort in making them a reality. I always say that Life itself is an inspiration so i learn a lot from everything even from everyday life. I seek to tell the story of the average common man in Ghana. I always use my poems to reach the minds of people with deep words i see and experience.


Well challenges is obviously part of our everyday life and sometimes it comes from people finding it hard to appreciate deas or think along the same lines as me or as the Club does. I have been doing this for a couple of years and i always learn something new from every mistake i make


My final words will be that,  Do not allow circumstances to dictate how far you want to go in life, Keep pushing because lots of opportunities exist all over, You just need to see them and harness them. There is so much to be done, consistency and determination is key

Thanks a Lot for Hosting me today.And God bless what you have initiated – Nana said.

So that is who The Suncity Times presents this week as our Personality Profile of the week. Let’s watch out we will put to the light in the weeks ahead.



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