With all the essential physical features that would attract most men on any day, one would ask why any man would end a relationship with Ghanaian actress Tracey Boakye.

Well, for the actress, dating goes beyond just having the physical features of a typical Africa woman and once a chapter is closed, she comes back only stronger.

In a very open conversation with NY DJ on #RYSENSHYNE on Y102.5FM in Kumasi, the actress who doubles as a movie producer with 13 movies to her credit revealed there’s not a single of her exes who wouldn’t want her back at the moment.

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“I have this idea of making myself better after a breakup and that’s what makes them want to come back”, she said.

“If you break up with somebody, put it in your mind that you are going to make the person proud of you, that is me. I make sure I move a step higher after a break so that even when you don’t want me back, you feel proud to have dated me”.

Asked if she’d ever been faced with requests by movie producers to get into her pants before roles, the actress responded in the negative saying, “it didn’t even happen when I so much wanted to be actress how much more now that I produce my own movies?”

She however revealed she once dated a movie director not because she wanted movies roles but simply because she felt in love with him.

Tracey is said to be readying a new production titled The Devil Between My Legs.


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