The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is fast approaching and one of the tensed category is the Unsung Category of the awards. This category seeks to put on the lime-light stars to-be, by nominating  a couple of  these young and upcoming artiste and also  give them the chance to compete for this award by Voting (SMS) and several other means.This year is no exemption. When the nomination list for this category came out, The Suncity Times took it upon us to promote nominees in this category by making the nominee tell the whole nation why he should be voted to win.

C.J Biggerman was one of these nominees and we happening to meet him with this plan brought him much joy since he never expected it to happen this way.

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The Biggerman just as his name says is a young artiste who came on the music scene through a reality show (The Mtn Hitmaker). Although he didn’t win, but with his hard work shown he proudly boast of the biggest song in the season of the reality show. Also voting for him means you are pushing him to the platform where he can showcase his talent to the max.

                    The CJ Biggerman

Having the chance to perform at big concerts like Rapperholic and a couple of bigger concerts, he realised the people are really interested in  him because of the response he had from them and will need your push to get there. Moreover, a recognition from VGMA is a plus for all the the nominees in their various careers but is rise up in career for him. With songs from all different genres, CJ Biggerman is just a rapper but a multi-talented artiste.

In a chat with De Throne Amanfo of the The Suncity Times, he said ” Thou am one the front runners of the  Biggerman music, I will need everybody’s push to win this ultimate award. I believe with the infusion of all my music element and its instrumentation, this year I will urge everybody to join the winning team before its late”. Just text L4 to the short code 1767 to make this a reality.


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