One of Africa’s most famous football dynasties, “The Ayews” has been known for thier committed participation in the African Football History. If you ever taught Jordan Ayew was the last born of the maestro Abedi-Pele, that was a wrong taught.


Imani Ayew as she is called did not take the path from which thier family is branded for. The only feminine Ayew has built her career so quite in the modelling and won’t will surprise anybody when she comes out and take over the industry like his brothers has done to Ghana Football.

Although much is not known about the beautiful Imani, we know she the Last and fourth born of the three African Best Player, but the third born of her mother Maha Ayew after Andre Ayew and Jordan Ayew since Ibrahim Ayew is from a different mother.

Check out some photos of Imani Ayew :949161659490585673748053553644196036253324188730


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