The family of the Late Daasebre Gyamena was divided when the late high musician passed on. Now the Paternal side of the Kokooko hit-maker  has planned to organise another funeral for their  dead relative.

Uncle of the musician, Mr. Owusu Boakye speaking to Monday morning disclosed that the paternal family together with the late musician’s fanclub have planned to have the funeral on April 1 at Omanhene’s forecourt in Koforidua. Detailing other activities planned for the funeral ceremony in Koforidua, he announced that there will wake-keeping on March 31 and the funeral will follow the next two days, 1st and 2nd April.

“The mother side sued us so we allowed them to bury him and this is the time for us to have ours together with the widow in Koforidua. We are doing it together with his fanclub so the wake keeping will be on March 31. 1st and 2nd will be the funeral at Omanhene’s forecourt in Koforidua.,” he told

Mr. Owusu Boakye continued that the funeral expected to happen on April 1 will be held without a burial service because the maternal side entombed his body. When asked if they will invite mother side of the “Kokooko” singer for the funeral, he replied, “We don’t have any funeral plans with them again so they are not part of this one.”

Maternal family had three-day funeral rites for the deceased from Friday, November 25 2016 but members of father’s side were missing during the three-day event.

Daasebre reportedly succumbed to a heart attack at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra on Friday, July 29, 2016.

His death was surrounded by controversy due to the fact that he was also a Muslim with the name Abubakar Siddiq. Shortly after his death, his Muslim family wanted to bury him on that same day. Following deliberations between his Christian and Muslim families, an agreement was reached for burial on a different date.

Daasebre Dwamena’s maternal side in Anomabo however, succeeded in placing an injunction on the funeral following the reluctance from his father’s side in Koforidua to release the body to his mother’s side for burial.

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