Ghana celebrated her 60th birthday and as we saw there was a drama by the Kumawood stars that included, Agya Koo, Akrobeto , Maame Serwaa and a couple of them. Kojo Nkansah (Liwin) was not seen amongst them and Agya Koo has come out to  clear all rumours.

The initial rumour that was out was that, he (Liwin) was not added because he could have stolen Agya Koo’s shine that day and that was why he wasn’t intentionally added. But Kofi Adu (Agya Koo), the veteran actor has denied those claims against him.

Rumour had it that Agya Koo who put together the play intentionally did not cast Liwin because he was afraid the young boy would take his shine on the day but the veteran actor has denied the assertion.

Building more to his reason, he made it clear that Liwin was no where to be found when they (he and friends) were fighting for the industry. Also he said, Liwin has turn down his for number times be turning down his offer and for that there was no need to invite him when this opportunity came.


“Kojo Nkansah was nowhere to be found when we were struggling for the betterment  of the industry. By God’s grace we didn’t work in vain, the industry we are experiencing today is the outcome of our toil yesterday, so Liwin can’t disrespect me for any reason. It hurts when your younger brother ignores your invitations severally with reasons best known to him. I thought it wise to safeguard my reputation this time around by not inviting him. This is why he wasn’t casted.”Agya Koo told DJ Roar on Kesben FM in Kumasi.

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