For some few years now, it’s evident that Award organisers have been awarding BUZZ rather than actual Talents, notwithstanding the Business aspect of these Awards scheme, the event houses are doing big time business with the Brands of these “BIG-NAMED ACTS” and as such sweeping awards on their behalves with relatively Hard-work.

My very opinion and Assertion to this issue has got to do with the BEST RAPPER category of the various award schemes, to the best of my knowledge, based on the small research i have done and the Rap I have listened to; coming up as Artistes, Music lover and a Showbiz Pundit…

When we say “RAP” which stands for Rhythm And Poetry or Rhythmic African/American Poetry, it has 3 elements…

  1. Content (Subject matter of your piece)
  2. Flow (the Rhythm and Rhymes)
  3. Delivery (Style, Literature and Artistic view)

Now listen… Flow refers to that aspect of Rap, where a rapper shows his ability in combining words, measuring his timing on the beating and delivering smoothly from Start to finish.

Flow doesn’t necessarily define who good a rapper is, but a rapper with good flow means he can do any type of music; that is ordinary combination of words and riding the beat to perfection – For that, anybody at all can do, even Hi life and Gospel Artistes.

In Rap, Flow is like Cooking Utensils, Everybody needs it in order to cook, it adds nothing to the taste of the food, but the appearance of the food on fire or food served.

The beauty of the Rap depends on the Content and Delivery Content guides the Rapper from deviating from the Reason why he is rapping to the audience, A Good rapper must stay on point, So far as RAP is literature, You should stay glued to Subject matter.

For instance, The Title of the Song is “LOVE” , a good rapper should not be talking about his wealth and how he has hustled to make it to the top which doesn’t relate anywhere close to the kind of Love he is talking about, notwithstanding, Love is not about a man and a woman only, A good rapper should rightful channel his vision of the Subject matter to What he will talk about in all the BAR in the Verse…

In Rap, content is like, the Kind of food you are cooking, We should know whether its Soup or stew, so that everybody knows you are a bad cook in case the outcome turns negative… When we come to “DELIVERY”, this is the component that will separate the BOYS from the MEN….

This is where a good rapper will put on his thinking CAP and bring out his style, The Creativity, Pun, smilies, Metaphors, Straight Outlined Deep lines, Wordplay, Double and Triple Entenders and all other Literary Techniques… A rapper who isn’t good at delivery is just like any other Musician (Singer & Backing Vocalist).  The Delivery defines a good rapper.

In Rap, Delivery is like cooking skills and Spices, which one to put in, in order for the food to taste nice Punchlines in Rap are not just ordinary lines, but deep lites that a Rapper put across in a Verse that depicts his indepth knowledge in literature, mostly not normal to be understood by lay men, being its wise saying, Wordplay, double or triple entenders.

Over the years, Ghanaian Rappers have proven fruitful and the Rap listeners and followers have moved a step ahead in Digesting punchlines, identifying weak punches and Dope lines, but the Arguments about who the best is, Still havent changed

Case Analysis: RAP in “FIRE BON DEM REMIX”

The Subject matter of the rap was directed to the enemies,haters and Backbitters… Therefore, Rappers were expected to throw jabs to the a fore-stated objects… FLOWKING STONE, from Start to Finish was on point, all his lyrics (jabs) were directed to the haters who his “FIRES SHOULD BE BURNING”… The content aspect wasn’t breached, deviated and abused.

He did not deviate from the Subject matter either… Everything he said was directed to his enemies and haters. However, his Flow was better than good, Beat riding was fantastic and his Choice of words were accurate… Moreover, his Rhymes and the Rhyming Scheme was perfect,
At the Delivery stage, He threw a lot of Literary Punches to Afore-stated Enemies, that I can’t list.

Owing to this, in ma view, I think Flowking Stone deserves the Best Rapper Award, Not even considering his verse on the “Fire bon dem” remix, but the year under review, Flowking dropped back-to-back dope Rap Flows and Verse, of which he exhibited the above-explained Elements of Rap in all of them. Songs like, RAPPING DRUMS, IGWE (CALENDAR FLOW), MY JUDGEMENT, HALLELUYA FT NERO X, STATE OF THE RAPPERS ADDRESS, just to mention but a few.



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