Rapper Kofi Swag, not just a swag boy as his name says, he is  mic murderer. The Sunyani based rapper is one of the fast rising  most talented rappers in Ghana today. He is capable of doing all kind of Genres but love to do Hip-Pop all the time. The young rapper shared with us everything from his musical journey, inspirations and creative process with us.

Who is Rapper Kofi Swag?

Born Kofi Awuah Baffour to a Christian family in Sunyani, I really started this rap thing when i was in Primary. That was when I use to imitate the rap styles of some old rappers in Ghana and beyond.  I did love that because i came to realize that was my passion.

The SwagMan on Stage

What relate you to Music?

For me I think when I stay out of music, there is a lot of issues that I wouldn’t wanna keep it to myself.  Me doing music gives me the chance to tell the masses what I feel and how I think  it should done whether this way or the other way.

Why Music and not any other?

Aside revealing whats in me, I also want to have a positive impact on people especially those who listen to my to my tracks i mean my fans. I like doing music that calm people when they are annoyed, and also bring hopes to people like “3mmer3 no beba” . Some of my love songs is also a piece  for the broken hearted fellows.

The Kofi Swag Team Logo

Any Challenges in Career so far?

Music helps me forget my pains and troubles i have been though. Hmmm, My Dad really told me some days that he ain’t  gonna take care of me again and that i can’t make it in this Career. Those words pushes me to write punchlines everyday.






2 thoughts on “Up-Close with rapper KOFI SWAG – (Profile of the Week)

  1. Yes Kofi will be one hotest raper ever due to effort and measures he is puting so far. Kofi never slow down ur vims all B/A and de entire nation de ur back aaabhaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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