Doreen Avio of Hitz FM  has made it known the reasons why  Sarkodie is the most arrogant artiste in Ghana, there was a massive social media attack on her after making that comments.


The beautiful news anchor on Andy Dosty’s show on Hitz FM  last Monday made mention that Sarkodie  was the most arrogant artiste in Ghana she has come across. This was after MzGee, her fellow presenter named Medikal as her most arrogant musician because he demanded cash from her before he would grant an interview.

Following the social media comments of Sarkoholics, Doreen has told she made such comments with good reasons. Clearing herself, the TV presenter disclosed that she said that because of the disrespect the Ghana Rap King  has shown to several media men and other renowned personalities in the country mentioning Multimedia, Mark Okreku Mantey, Kwasi Aboagye and many others.

Narrating her sad encounter with the RNS hit-maker , Doreen noted that she had heard a lot of people complaining about the rapper’s arrogance but “I was surprised when I went for DJ Mensah’s all white party in 2016”.

“I talked to almost all the celebrities – Captain Planet, Keche, Akoo Nana, and so many of them at the party. It wasn’t a lengthy interview but just something short about the show.

I thought that just because Mensah was his DJ, it was cool for him to say something brief about the party. When I got there and said I wanted to interview him, he just looked at me with his team and said he wanted to relax so he is not ready to do the interview.

For me, I felt it was pure arrogance. I wasn’t expecting him to tell me everything happening in his camp but just something small about the party since he was there to have fun” she recounted.

The radio and TV personality who admitted Sarkodie is one of the biggest artistes in Ghana concluded that her comments do not mean she hates the musician but “I had heard it and I’ve experienced it so that is why I said he is arrogant.”





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